We pride ourself on our high level of customer service.  We understand that in an ever more competitive market and ever increasing financially testing times, reputation is paramount.  We are a non-profit making organisation, run by cab drivers who give their time freely to administer tweetalondoncab.  As such, we have no huge marketing or advertising budget and all of this is done at our personal expense.  Therefore, 'word of mouth' is critical to our ongoing success.  We have relied on it thus far and it has served us well and this is why our relationship with our customers is so important.

We love our customers and they love us...  Ok, we've got that out of the way, but if you don't want to take our word for it, here's some feedback from people on Twitter who have used our service.  Some of these are customers who have used us once and some are customers who use us on a regular basis.  No matter how long or short the journey, everyone is treated the same...with TLC!

"I feel proud to be @tweetalondoncab's first ever customer and I can truly recommend them to anyone. Brilliant service - with a smile and a LOT of Knowledge!"
"TLC got me to the airport with less fuss and half the cost of my company's usual car firm"
"Brilliant service. Reliable and friendly as well."
"This is social travelling at it's best. Chat to your driver on Twitter before the ride. Which means the journey is that much more enjoyable"
"TLC has proven to be the most reliable cab service in London. And that's not even to mention how convenient, friendly and reasonable it is."
"I love Twitter. I love cheery reliable black cab services. So imagine how much I adore tweetalondoncab :)"
"On return from Afghanistan despite flight delays the @tweetalondoncab team were utterly brilliant collecting me from Heathrow airport and taking me home. Used @tweetalondoncab many times. Always punctual, polite and cheaper than Addison Lee. What's not to like?"
"After a great night out in Central London it felt great to be able to send a quick message and know that I was going to get home safely"
"Y'all are awesome! I missed two, yes two trains and STILL @tweetalondoncab sorted me out! Me plus cranky toddler, stroller AND suitcase!!"
"Have been rescued from a few scrapes by TLC - a lovely taxi oasis in post-night-out taxi desert! Thank you!"
"I still firmly believe that @tweetalondoncab is the best ever application of twitter."
"Fantastic service. Quick, reliable and the driver was friendly and phoned ahead of pick-up. Will recommend you to everyone!"

Media Coverage

TLC's innovative use of Social Networking and the positive feedback we achieved from our many customers also brought us to the attention of the media. Here are a few links to some of our 'brushes with fame'...

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Online articles

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